How to create a business network?

by nambisankaran

Peoplebees offers an easy way to create a business network. The network offers an easy way to connect with the customers and potential future customers. It helps the business send periodic updates, tips and promotions to their customers. It also allows customers and business create discussions on common topics. This increases the customer-to-business interaction.

Most importantly peoplebees business networks are private, meaning someone you don’t know cannot leave a bad comment or review about your business.

Creating network is EASY and FREE.

Here is how to do it.

  • First create an account in peoplebees by signing up.
  • Then login to using your peoplebees ID
  • You will see a “create network” link on the left-side under “networks” tab
  • Click on “Create Network” link.
  • This will open up “Create Network” page.
  • Provide an appropriate name for your network. It can be your business name. Example, “Sam’s Gardening Service”
  • Provide a description for your network. be generous. Example, “Welcome to “Sam’s Gardening Network”. Sam’s Gardening has been providing excellent service to its customers in San Francisco Bay area since 1997. We provide the best gardening service with highest quality for reasonable rates. We publish sales promotions, tips on gardening, climatic warnings and important information to our customers on a periodic basis. Customers can interact with the network at their own convenience. “
  • Then Click “Create Network” button at the bottom.
  • Thats it.
  • The network is created.
Creating network is easy, The next step is to invite people to your network.
Here is how to do it.
  • To invite people you need their email addresses.
  • If you are new to business, invite your “friends & family” as they will be the main promoters of their business.
  • If you have existing customers, invite them to your network, using the “invite” link.